2021 Outdoor / Beach Club

SouthJamm Volleyball welcomes you to another fun season. 

All players must be AVP America members, please click on logo to follow link and register. Choose either Gold or Silver membership. Where the registration asks for Club, scroll down to club not listed, then add SouthJamm Volleyball.

To assist you in what you may want to bring to practice and or tournaments, below is a list.

Backpack or Duffle bag, Beach chair or Folding Bag Chair, Umbrella and or Canopy, Cooler with preferred drinks, always bring water. Snacks (fruit, chips, sandwiches etc...) stay away from things that melt in the sun. 2 Towels (1 for during games and 1 for later) Socks (sand socks) incase the sand is hot, also if we are playing on grass, you may want to change socks to keep your feet dry. Change of clothes (stay clean and fresh all day and also to change to travel home clean. Running shoes or turf shoes for grass tournaments, needs to be light weight sport shoe with good traction. Pickle juice, pedialyte and salt to prevent from muscle cramps and dehydration. Sun Glasses (sport glasses, not metal frames) Hair band, sweat band and or a cap. Sun block, deodorant.


Tournaments that are available for the 2021 season so far and is subject to change. Highlighted are the SouthJamm preferred tournaments, that we hope you are available to attend

Outdoor / Beach Schedule 2021
June 12 & 13 Pelham, AL Juniors 2's / Sand
June 19 & 20 Gulf Shores, AL Juniors 2's / Sand
June 26 - Southside Home Juniors 3's / Grass
July 10 & 11 Pelham, AL Juniors 2's / Sand
July 10 & 11 Nashville Beach Juniors 2's / Sand
July 17 & 18
July 24 & 25 Southside Home Queen of Alabama Juniors
July 31- Pelham, AL Adult / Jr's 2's / Sand
November 26 & 27 Clearwater Beach, FL AVP East Coast Championship




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